Our Mission

The primary objective of Yakama Nation Networks is to provide reasonably priced, quality wireless internet service to the people within and around the Yakama Nation Reservation. This includes Tribal and non-Tribal members, residents located in suburban and rural areas, businesses, educational facilities, and growers.

Yakama Nation Networks is owned and operated by Yakama Nation Land Enterprise. The Yakama Nation is a sovereign nation located in south-central Washington state, made up of 14 bands of native tribes. Yakama Nation Land Enterprise is the most diversified of the five main business enterprises of the Yakama Nation, overseeing the administration, purchase, sale, lease and development of Yakama Nation tribal land.

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide outstanding customer service and quality internet access to our existing subscriber base, while always looking to expand our coverage area to serve more people who are in need of a stable internet connection.